About Salim Agencies

Overseas Employment Promoters

Salim Agencies was founded in 1964 by Mr. Muhammad Salim Malik (late) in Pakistan with two distinct divisions – end to end HR Solutions as well as Local and Overseas employment services.

We have facilitated the placement of more than 100,000 workers from all over Asia to the Middle East, Africa and Europe. It has been in the able hands of his son Fawad Salim Malik, a notable public figure who has served as a visionary CEO of the company for more than 24 years. His successful track record as Director of Pak Gulf Leasing Co for over a decade, President of Karachi Gymkhana for four terms and Director of Saira Industries adds to the quality of leadership at Salim Agencies. He founded Talent Network International in 2014, establishing a full HR consultancy company offering payroll management services and headhunting for clients in Pakistan and overseas. With his plethora of experience Salim Agencies has remained a well respected name, always at the forefront of quality manpower recruitment and end to end HR services in Pakistan and overseas.

Salim Agencies’ expert consultants are the front runners in being able to facilitate client-hiring goals by defining a smart course of action and developing strategies to achieve those goals. We integrate the human element in our professional approach.

From the first contact with us - to successfully meeting the goals, Salim Agencies strives to maintain optimum service at every stage of the hiring process. We work hard to ensure the rights of both the clients and the employees.


Our Legacy

Our clients are our utmost priority and we believe in serving them in the best possible manner and help them generate long term profitability. Equipped with the latest technology and up-to-date resources and software, our official manpower bureau is quite strong and effective. This is extended to departments including HRM, staffing, employee training, overseas recruitment, and career consultancy. In order to assist our staff, we provide all source of human resource requirements to make sure that there is no compromise on quality.


The most primary amenities include telephonic services, emailing, website and human resource consultancy. Material facilities include conference rooms, chambers for the specific purpose of conducting interviews, video and audio conferencing, company-wide networking and security arrangements. We enhance all the operations and processes in order to eliminate any discrepancies and delays in recruitment process overseas. Upon the clients request we also offer value-added services like background check, interviewing and the genuineness of the candidate.


Salim Agencies aspires to reach the pinnacle of success and be one of the topmost recruitment agencies in Pakistan. Our employment selection bureau strives to achieve excellence at all fronts and be a consistent source of headhunting in Pakistan.


Our Vision

“Salim Agencies intend to be a Global leader in providing excellent human capital with diverse capabilities and to ensure their effectiveness on training grounds


Our Mission

We believe in people's efficiency. Our mission is not just to satisfy our clients by sourcing manpower but to ensure that they are able to achieve the organizational goals and prove to be strategically fit for the position, this purpose highlights our existence with an aim to provide our clients with the full fledge HR services and constantly deal on innovative techniques to maintain/retain the effectiveness of firm and assist the organization to attain a greater return on asset.


We consider our candidates as supreme prior and on a constant basis our expert team provides extensive training, career counseling and continuous motivation.


To provide our clients with high quality end to end HR solutions with optimized turnaround time and create lasting relationships with them.


Our Values

  • Placing our clients first we do not do business, we build a quality relationship with our clients
  • Providing professional excellence
  • Responding with thorough and reliable service a flexible timing
  • Building, sustaining and strengthening of business relationships and partnerships
  • Giving personal attention a recognizing individual goals and objectives
  • Integrating the human element

Our Strategic Approach

Salim Agencies

Our Capabilities

Salim Agencies Offices in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are manned by the most highly competent and well trained staff, including Engineers and Legal Advisors, to ensure that only the right type of workers are selected for sending abroad and the rights of both parties are fully protected according to the canons of justice and equity.

All our offices are fully geared to handle necessary recruitment and various trade tests. We also have arrangements with other technical institute for Trade Tests of applicants.

In Karachi YMCA Technical Institute, St. Patricks Technical Institute, Govt. Technical Institute, K.D.A., Karachi Shipyard, Dockyards etc. Are also available to us, by mutual arrangement, for testing and processing of workers.

Foreign Collaboration
For those of our overseas clients who wish to recruit workers in Phillipines, Thailand and Sri Lanka, we have special arrangements in those countries and we can be of service to our clients in such recruitment.

Our Professionals

Meet Our Team

Salim Agencies team of consultants is multi-talented and possess the best of the abilities and expertise in the specific industry or sector that they cater to. They master these skills with great proficiency and professionalism, which is the reason why we are ranked as one of the most reliable and most reputable HR firms or HRD consultants. We believe in serving our clients by equipping ourselves with the latest and up-to-date technology and proven techniques and strategies to give high quality services.


Andrea Smith

Co-Founder, Office Manager


Andrea Smith

Co-Founder, Office Manager


Andrea Smith

Co-Founder, Office Manager